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ShotScope Discounts (Stats Tracking)


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Through July 8, you can save 15% off ShotScope products using the coupon code "thesandtrap".

A lot of the members of The Sand Trap are using the ShotScope H4 for shot tracking (and GPS). Doing so lets you know with strokes gained data where you're gaining and losing strokes, and I recommend to all of my students that they have some sort of shot tracking/statistics gathering app.

If you already use Arccos or something like it, great.

This 15% savings ends July 8.

P.S. Though these are affiliate links, I've given up the commission for the 15% discount for y'all, so I'm suggesting these purely because I think they'll be good for you and your golf game.

P.P.S. The Sand Trap topic is here: https://thesandtrap.com/forums/topic/113382-tst-explores-the-shotscope-h4-stats-tracking-device-and-pro-lx-rangefinder/.

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In honor of the British Open, the 15% savings has been extended through the end of July, 2022.

It turns out that the coupon code to save 15% is active through the end of July, in honor of the British Open. Simply click one of the links below and use the coupon code THESANDTRAP (or thesandtrap):

Using something like the ShotScope (or Arccos, or GolfMetrics, etc.) is a great way to truly analyze where you're strong and weak, and thus, what to work on and what's treating you well. It helps you — and me — understand the current state of your game and how best to take it to the next level.

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