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  1. New students, please answer these questions in your "Evolution" topic: What shots are you hitting when you're playing well (draws, high, low, cuts… whatever)? What shot shape do you like? What shot do you hate that you hit too often? Or when you're playing badly? What are your goals? What facilities or setups (at home) do you have to work with? How often can you get to the course or range? Do you have any restrictions or limitations on movement (hip surgery, a bad left knee, whatever). Is there any other information you think we should know? Answering these questions will help us to help you. Please be sure to get video from good camera angles and trim videos to just your swing(s) unless we're asking for your pre-shot routine or a rehearsal. Thank you! P.S. Please make sure to answer these questions in your swing topic. If you answer them here in this topic, we will not see them.
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  3. Welcome to Evolvr For over six years, evolvr operated using a custom-built site. Due to circumstances beyond our control (our back-end merchant account made some changes without warning), we've re-built the site as a forum. Modern forum software can handle everything we need for evolvr, and as we continue to use this software, we look forward to enhancing the capabilities. What is Evolvr? As before, Evolvr is a $49/month (the first month is $59 including the setup fee) subscription which allows you to upload up to four submissions per month. Each submission can contain two swings, typically a face-on and a down-the-line video. Within a few days, an instructor will reply with a video, some images, links to drills, etc. Most students won't use all four each month, and that's fine. Changes take time, but four gives you the option to submit videos which ask "Am I doing this drill properly?" or to address anything that pops up. Who are you guys? Evolvr is staffed with Golf Evolution instructors, all of whom are trained in 5 Simple Keys® and Lowest Score Wins. Most of the time, you'll have the same instructor for most of your subscription, though you can request a change and when an instructor goes on vacation or has a busy week, there may be times when another instructor "pinch hits" for your regular instructor. Evolvr was created by PGA of America Members David Wedzik (two-time section PGA Teacher of the Year, Golf Digest Best in State, and former Web.com Tour player) and Erik J. Barzeski (Golf Digest Best in State, Golf Digest Best Young Teachers in America, 2019 section PGA Teacher of the Year), as was 5SK and LSW. How long will I wait for an analysis after my video is uploaded? Typically your video will be analyzed within two or three days, and at most it will take about 5 days before your swing is analyzed and a reply given. We strive for quick turn-around, and only things like family events or out-of-town schools will slow us down! How do I share my videos? For the purpose of saving space on our server, we're asking all students to upload videos to YouTube. They can be embedded (instructions for this are here) directly within your thread, and you can make them "unlisted" on YouTube so that they don't show up on your channel for anyone to view. This lets you control your videos, rather than us controlling them and periodically removing them to conserve server space. Our replies will come in the form of embedded YouTube videos as well. You can download them to save them to your computer. How should I record my swing? Though this can change if you're working on something special or unique (like, say, your driver swing or your wedges), we typically prefer that you take video from two views - a "down the line" view and a "face-on" view - while swinging a mid-iron (like a 6-iron). To upload slow-motion videos from your iPhone, please see this quick article. Can I talk to someone by phone if I have questions? If you have a support question or further questions about the site, we encourage you to use email - please use the web form listed on our contact page. We can always arrange for a phone consultation if needed, but they're typically not needed by students. Can I cancel at any time? You can cancel at any time. Any fees (setup or recurring fees) you've incurred prior to cancellation can't be refunded, but when you cancel you can continue to use the subscription for the remaining term, and then your account will be deactivated within 72 hours. Access to your swing topic is removed at that time as well. What is your refund policy? Unfortunately we can't offer refunds. If you have any problems at all, though, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us and we'll do our best to resolve them. Please do let us know in the topic when you choose to leave the site what your reason is, as we strive to make Evolvr the best we can.
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