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  • Welcome to Evolvr!

    Evolvr is Golf Evolutions online instructional platform for golfers across the globe. Whether you're relatively new to the game or, believe it or not, a Tour player competing in major championships, we have taught every kind of golfer on Evolvr since we began offering this service in 2010!

    golfevolution.pngEvolvr is affordable, easy to use, and comfortable. You simply record your swing (from good angles) on your smart phone or with a video camera, in slow-mo or high-speed video if you'd like, and submit the videos for our expert instructors. Within three to five days, you'll receive a personalized video lesson that shows you what to work on and how to "evolv" as a golfer!

    It's that easy!

    We believe that everyone should have access to top-notch instruction, and that even with as little as five to ten minutes of practice per day on the correct things, golfers can play better golf.

    Join us! The only thing you have to lose is shots from your scorecard!

  • Using Evolvr is Easy as 1, 2, 3!

  • step1.jpg

    Record your swing using your smart phone, a video camera, or anything else that can get you a regular or high-speed (a.k.a. "slow-mo") video. Students typically submit face-on and down-the-line video (from good angles!). And, if you have a friend who can help you, great!


  • step2.jpg

    Upload your video(s) to your private topic in our custom-built forum. Here, you can submit your videos and interact with your instructor. Each student has their own "Evolution" swing topic which is completely private, with only you and our team of instructors having access.


  • step3.jpg

    Evolv! Within 3-5 days, your instructor will record a personalized video showing you what steps he or she would like you to take with your practice! You'll understand what and how to practice, and how to play better golf, all from the comfort of your own home!


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