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  • Recording Your Golf Swing

    Filming from the proper angles is important. This quick guide will show you how to film from the best angles possible. Filming from the correct angles makes it easier for us to give you a proper, accurate diagnosis and lesson.

    This is very easy to do.



    camera_angles_face_on.jpgFace On

    From face-on, also called "caddie view," position the camera:

    • at "hand" height - the height of your hands at setup (just below your belt)
    • perpendicular to the target line

    As you can see to the right, the camera is square to the golfer because this golfer sets up parallel to the target line and the camera is positioned at about the butt of the club or the height of the hands at address.

    If this golfer were set up open or closed to the target line, his feet would not appear to be perpendicular to the camera. Many golfers play from a slightly open or closed stance.

    If you use an alignment stick along your toe-line or parallel to your target line, setting up these camera views is easy to do.


    camera_angles_down_the_line.jpgDown the Line

    From down-the-line, position the camera:

    • at "hand" height - just as above.
    • parallel to the target line and along the toe of either or both shoes

    In the image to the right, the three red lines are positioned at the ball, between the ball and the toes, and on the toe line. The green area toward the toes is greatly preferred and gives us the best look at the golf swing for a proper analysis.

    If this golfer were set up open or closed to the target line, his feet would not appear to be pointing left or right of the camera, but it's important to position the camera parallel to the target line, not down your toe line if you don't set up parallel to the target line.

    Again the use of an alignment stick works really well. From this view, you'll want the alignment stick near your toes and appearing vertically in your camera.

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